PIERCE Software

The CRED is an R&D group that has for one of its objectives to promote computer tools that facilitate collaborative research.  

PIERCE - Programme informatique en recherche collaborative – is a software that provides efficient informatics solutions that meets this objective, i.e. it facilitates collaborative research projects and the discovery of new knowledge.

Since many different types of projects :

  • clinical studies,

  • specimen banks,

  • knowledge management.

Share a number of information management needs (data input, information sharing, security, audit, interoperability, analysis tools, contextual representation of information), PIERCE's main objective is to simultaneously meet the objectives of both computer research and clinical research.

In a context of close collaboration that aims to further research in computerized data collection, the CRED offers its partners the expertise of a qualified and multidisciplinary team. From establishing what the needs are to hosting the final project, the PIERCE team works closely with its partners in order to offer a constant and personalized service. PIERCE is also :

Web Platform


  • Multilingual
  • Multi-site – Possibility to collect and share data from many different research sites
  • Multi-user / multi-role – Used by a variety of users, easily customizable
  • Flexible data import – File, database, lab components

Available modules

  • Audit
  • Trail of all transactions done
  • User controlled query on transactions
  • Input
  • Quick input of data in forms
  • Data validation at input
  • Printing of forms with or without data
  • Specimen bank management
  • Query
  • User controlled query on data
  • Export in XML and CVS
  • Possibility to save queries
  • Management
  • Download
For more information, contact :

Mr Silven Rehel

Coordinator of computer applicationsPhone : 819-821-8000 ext. 73211
Email : silven.rehel@usherbrooke.ca