Clinical and Evaluation Studies

CRED (Collaborative Research for Effective Diagnostics) has leading expertise in knowledge management that supports effective transfer of a new procedure or biomedical technology from research to clinical practice. The CRED has a multidisciplinary research team that has developed high standards in evaluation protocols and procedures for diagnostic tests.

See some recent examples of work and studies performed by our Diagnostic team:


    Ludewig R, Kiaei D, Plouffe B, Thompson S, Woods A, Tan S, Wang A, Pomerleau J, Grant A, Ahnadi C. Validation of a New and Improved Progesterone Assay on the IMMULITE Immunoassay .  AACC. Annual Meeting -July 17-19, 2012 in Los Angeles , CA

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B-Natriuretic Peptide in the Evaluation of Diastolic Dysfunction

    Ahnadi, C. , Essadiqi, B. , Grant, A. , Lepage, S.  Diagnostic Utility of B-Natriuretic Peptide in the Evaluation of Diastolic Dysfunction.

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Prefontaine G., Darveau M., Ahnadi C.E., Lachance P., Lesur O,Drouin C., Lamarre P. and Vezina C. Reticulocyte hemoglobincontent in 13 critically ill patients: a preliminarystudy. Transfusion alternatives in transfusion medicine, 2009, 10:182- 188 

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