The CRED Biodiagnostic project have established a solid reputation in evaluation of diagnostics technologies, in Research, and in development and application of technologies and methodologies.

The activities of Biodiagnostic group are interested in development of innovative procedures in order to optimise the use and the cost of the diagnostic tests and equipment for use in patient diagnosis and patient management.


  • Evaluation of new diagnostic assays;

  • Systems and devices evaluation for Clinical purposes;

  • Multisites clinical evaluations;

  • Research and development of new markers for use in patient diagnosis and patient management;

  • Study on the impact of diagnostic tests on care efficiency;

  • Study on cost-effectiveness and pharmacoeconomy;

  • Implication in education and training.

Performance evaluation of new diagnostic assays and technologies and their integration in clinical practice.

  • Analytical performance evaluation (precision and accuracy).
  • Clinical performance evaluation.
  • Evaluation of suspected interference caused by an antibody in immunoassay for specimens where the results are different from the patient clinical conditions.  

Research and development of new markers for use in patient diagnosis and patient management; 

  • Study of diagnostic and management strategies for heart failure in order to elaborate a decisional model to analyse the use of the diagnostic test.
  • Study the relationship between the inflammation (CRP), necrosis (troponins), homodynamic stress (BNP) and thrombosis (platelet activation) markers in patients with acute coronary syndrome.
  • Reaserch and development of the potential use of platelet activation as early marker of diagnosis/detection of coronary coronary syndrome, for monitoring of antiplatelet therapy and for evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of using this diagnostic test to support the judicious choice of antiplatelet therapy.